Sunday, 21 August 2011

tonal practice..(mark 1)

After practice of the line drawings I decided to try a tonal pencil drawing using a 2b, 6b and 9b.... something I haven't done for a number of years now...I find this process quite tight, but it does have a wow factor if you can get it right... this isn't bad for my first attempt for a while, so I intend on practising some more, till the form is 100% .. I think I need stronger lighting to give a sense of depth and to make it easier to practice the tonal differences...
I do enjoy the challenge of drawing still life.

Can you be too handsy?

I haven't drawn for a while, so I wanted to practice my line drawing, this is what happened...

these are the first five simple doodles I did,
In order to be less precious about the line and get back to grips with my hand/eye coordination, I didn't correct the mistakes I made, and tried to use strong marks to produce a confident result.

I think there is a strong development already, in just five drawings worth of practice, the image at the bottom was the first I did... ( they go up in consecutive order) the proportions are out, but there is a good sense of form. The drawings towards the top are clearly better proportioned, ad there is a much better use of line, the marks suggest solidarity and character.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

one of the few times I drew my ideal model

I would love the opportunity to draw more figures
like this,I don't know what it is about her voluptuous
curves and the harsh lighting, but I feel this picture
celebrates the female form wonderfully.

found some old sketchbook stuff

This is the beautiful Kate, my Malaysian house mate from 2nd year.
(minimal lines, using two concentrates of ink.)

-my brother, he is awesome, but don't tell him that